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Walks, hikes and mountain biking

Come and discover the multitude of landscapes offered by the site of the two capes, fine sandy beaches, cliffs, dunes and marshes. If you like walks and hikes, this site is for you!

Along the path that runs along the cliff of Cap Blanc-Nez or in the surrounding countryside, many hiking trails are available to you.

Hiking maps and routes


Start by following the coast and discover charming villages such as Escalles, Wissant, Ambleteuse, Audinghen, Audresselles or Wimereux.

Discover the Cran d'Escalles, the Caps Blanc-Nez and Gris-Nez, the bay of Wissant, the bouchot mussel beds at Tardinghen beach.

Visit Sangatte with its military cemetery, its two churches, its Hubert Latham statue and its Louis Blériot stele.

Visit Calais with its Town Hall, its beach, its port and its lighthouse, its statue of the "six bourgeois" and its Yvonne and Charles De Gaulles monument, its casino, the International City of Lace and Fashion, the museum of fine arts, the museum of the Second World War and the Channel, the Saint-Pierre and Richelieu parks and the fortifications of Fort Risban and the citadel.

Visit Boulogne-sur-Mer with its beach, its fishing port, its belfry, its ramparts, its casino, the castle-museum, the Notre-Dame basilica and the Nausicaa national sea center.

Nausicaa National Sea Center - Boulogne-sur-Mer

Immerse yourself in the largest European complex dedicated to knowledge of the marine universe...

Between giant aquariums, discovery areas, exhibitions and animal reserves, embark on an unforgettable journey to the heart of the oceans!



In Calais: the International City of Lace and Fashion, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of the Second World War

In Audinghem: the Museum of the Atlantic Wall

In Boulogne-sur-Mer: the Chateau-Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Libertador San Martin Museum

In Rinxent: the House of Marble and Geology

International City of Fashion and Lace

Atlantic Wall Museum